Lulajki plyta Teatr Atofri Jacek Halas 2016
Dear children, dear parents!

We are handing over to you a music album with old cradlesongs.
Lulajki (cradlesongs) will encourage you to sing and dance together and to lull children.

The release of this music album was inspired by spectators (children and their parents) that attended our Lulajka performance.

Jacek Hałas created music stories for each lullaby taking us on a voyage to different places and worlds.

Let your dreams be full of roosters, red bulls and birds on sticks!

„Lulajki – Teatr Atofri i Jacek Hałas“/Cradlesongs – The Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas/ music album released by The Atofri Theatre – Poznań Art Fund (Poznańska Fundacja Artystyczna), co-financed by the City of Poznań. Recorded in Free Fly Music Studio, May 2016.

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1. Luli mój malutki – Lully lullay my tiny child / the Lubelskie region 6.27

2. Jędrusicek – Andie / the Land of Wieluń 3.49

3. Uśnij mi, uśnij – Fall asleep my child, fall asleep / the Lubelskie region 4.12

4. Kołysz mi się, kołysz 1 – Sway my child, sway 1 / the Lubelskie region 1.14

5. Orchestrion for a cradle 0.53

6. Na badylu – On a stick / the Lubelskie region 4.01

7. Kotki dwa – Two kittens / Kurpie ethnic region / the Puszcza Zielona Forest 4.26

8. Kołysz mi się, kołysz II – Sway my child, sway 2 / the Lubelskie region 3.12


„Lulajki” album can be bought

price: PLN 30 after the performance / PLN 36 by mail order


Beata Bąblińska – voice

Monika Kabacińska – voice

Jacek Hałas – arrangements, accordion, viola, tuned Radom drum

Jacek Pietraszek – mountaineer fiddle

Michał Garstecki – double bass, sound engineering

Basia, Franek, Misiu, Stasiu – children voices

Articles & Reviews

Maria Maczuga Usypianki, rozbudzanki /Lullabies, wake up songs / interview with Beata Bąblińska i Monika Kabacińska, PDF

The Lulajka series of events

The Lulajka performance began a series of events inspired by old Polish lullabies.

The “Lullabies, mormorandos, cradlesongs” workshop was created for parents and the youngest children. During the workshop parents and children sing and make music together.

The workshop was followed by a music album with lullabies arranged by Jacek Hałas titled “Cradlesongs – The Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas”.

The release of the album encouraged us to start giving concerts with lullabies and counting-out rhymes composed by Jacek Hałas.

The concert “Cradlesongs and counting-out rhymes – the Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas” is the last of the Lulajka series of events.