photo Piotr Bedliński

During the workshop we sing old Polish cradlesongs together with parents. The cradlesongs are accompanied by music performed on accordion, viola and percussion instruments.

Lullabies blend with storytelling, physical activities and playing musical instruments. Making music together is a time of building a unique bond between a parent and a child. The workshop is a peaceful time filled with music and physical play.

Inspired by a joint music making by both parents and their children we released a music album “Cradlesongs – The Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas” („Lulajki – Teatr Atofri i Jacek Hałas” ) in May 2016.

workshop for parents and their children aged 6 to 18 months old

duration: 45 minutes

conducted by: Beata Bąblińska and Monika Kabacińska

The workshop was conducted at

4th Overview of the New Theatre for Children, Wrocław 2016

Teatrankach, Teatr Polski, Poznań 2016

Art seeks children, Miniature Theatre, Gdańsk 2014

Art seeks children, Poznań 2013

The Lulajka series of events

The Lulajka performance began a series of events inspired by old Polish lullabies.

The “Lullabies, mormorandos, cradlesongs” workshop was created for parents and the youngest children. During the workshop parents and children sing and make music together.

The workshop was followed by a music album with lullabies arranged by Jacek Hałas titled “Cradlesongs – The Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas”.

The release of the album encouraged us to start giving concerts with lullabies and counting-out rhymes composed by Jacek Hałas.

The concert “Cradlesongs and counting-out rhymes – the Atofri Theatre and Jacek Hałas” is the last of the Lulajka series of events.